What We Do

Specialists in commercial space, we provide a complete range of development services, from turn-key operations and nation-wide rollouts, to individual and one-off elements. We are consultants, designers, procurement experts and builders. Crucially, we are also project managers, a skill that has earned us an unrivalled reputation for delivering on time, within budget and to specification.

We have particular expertise in retail environments and the relationships between space and flow. Our empathy for the challenges and possibilities retail presents allows us to work with clients to maximise efficiencies and deliver the best possible customer experience.

Our Story

Storepro was founded in 2002 by Shane Young, a store development executive with extensive experience in the supermarket and retail fashion sectors. In 2006 Amanda Young joined the business. A career retailer, Amanda brought in-depth strategic, store, product and merchandising experience to the group, complementing Shane’s expertise in environment design and construction, large-scale project management and procurement.

From the outset, the Storepro vision was to provide an end-to-end service that both anticipated and responded to the needs of its clients. It’s an approach that continues to inform the way we do things. Now an integrated international business, we place great importance on building relationships with our clients and working collaboratively to deliver outstanding projects that exceed expectations.


Project Management

Regardless of size, we manage all projects using a proven methodology that ensures we deliver on time, on scope and on budget. As a vertically integrated operation, we have a strong sourcing capability, and are able to manage each project from conception to completion.

For us, project management is not just about deadlines. It’s about asking the right questions at the outset, developing a design brief that meets brand and business needs, dealing with road-blocks before they put the project at risk, and keeping everyone up to speed. Collaboration is key, with all stakeholders involved in the consultation and decision-making process and progressively updated throughout the project. We translate your unique requirements into detailed specifications and coordinate every aspect of the project schedule, monitoring time-frames, costs and workmanship.

Concept Development & Design

The design of a commercial space goes well beyond the functional and aesthetic. As the built environment where you engage and interact with your customers and clients, design is about innovation and creating lasting impressions. For retailers, design directly impacts on return on investment, with brand perceptions and crucial buying decisions strongly influenced by the environment build and the relationships between space and flow.

From briefing to build, we approach the design process as central to your brand identity and the way you want your stakeholders to experience your brand. We interrogate the purpose of a space, and design for the way people will use and relate to it. This includes considering traffic flow and customer service, lighting, colour and ambience, merchandising and marketing.

Facilities Management

In addition to new constructions, we offer a facilities management program. We maintain the functionality and appearance of a build, repairing damaged fittings and fixtures and providing reliable, high-quality contractors for electrical, plumbing and locksmith services. This program is particularly relevant in high-traffic environments such as retail stores, restaurants and coffee shops.

Shopfitting & Installation

We are experts in quality commercial fit-outs and environment builds, from single concept stores to nation-wide rollouts. Working nationally and internationally, we have an experienced team that shares our values and understands the importance of meeting your needs and objectives.

We make it our business to see the project through your eyes — to align our knowledge and skills with your unique vision and operational goals. From analysis and design through to implementation, we provide professional and expert advice, collaborating with the stakeholders and subject matter experts in your business. We look for opportunities, share insights and manage risk, closely monitoring any factors that might impact financial, scheduling or performance milestones.

Procurement & Manufacturing

We supply fixtures and fittings to clients internationally, including across Australia, China, Indonesia, Korea, USA, Europe and the UK. This includes bespoke solutions, where we design and manufacture to meet your needs and embrace emerging trends. We also offer warehousing solutions, ensuring the efficient distribution of new and replacement parts.



Project Management

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